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Thursday, February 11, 2010

 A Roomy 178 Square Feet / Penelope Green
"Zach Motl, a junior designer at Robert Couturier & Associates, has made the most of his studio apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which he rents for $944 a month. He has hewed to the old decorating dictum that says that the more stuff you put in a room (albeit artfully arranged stuff), the bigger it seems.
"One-room living works well if you clearly define areas; also, you have to make your bed every day. The Schweitzer linens on Mr. Motl's bed were a gift from his mother. The blanket on the "guest" chair was $7 at an estate sale. The coffee table cranks up to dining height, and the top unfolds."
"He has a sailor's sense of thrift and handiness; he built the breakfast counter/front-hall table, which doubles as a cabinet. He also made the light fixture that hangs above it, from a milk-glass shade ($12 on eBay), an Edison bulb and an electric cord."
"Mr. Motl bought the mid-century bureau from RePOP, in Brooklyn, and refinished it in black lacquer. Hanging over the bureau is a plaster sculpture he made called "One Love," an homage to lips. The blue Marc Jacobs Wellington boots on the floor were purchased on sale for $10, solely for display — he does not wear them."
"Mr. Motl's mattress is foam-covered with appealingly retro mattress ticking. The Sultan Alsarp box spring is from Ikea; it opens up for storage. Mr. Motl arranges his hidden objects so that even his storage feels spacious."
"The bathroom was half-covered in mirrored tiles, which Mr. Motl chipped off in a frenzy one night."
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