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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craft Restaurant, NYC - Detail of Vintage Light Bulb - A Light Fixture Series That Hangs Throughout the Restaurant. 

Being mindful of "green" living, the movement to switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs maybe the smarter cost saving & energy efficient choice, but for some interior designers, leaves little less to be desired when it comes to creating overall vintage style decor & ambiance lighting.  Today's NY Times article - Vintage Light Bulbs Are Hot, but Ignite a Debate - showcases this design dilemma.  Designers that have selected these style bulbs & light fixtures for their restaurant interiors argue that typically most are used for accent lighting, to bring a soft glow to the restaurant.  Opposition views raise the question - why serve sustainable and organic food, if you don't carry over the attitude throughout the establishment when it comes to sustainable living?  Ken Friedman, owner of the Spotted Pig and the Rusted Knot, puts its best when looking to create soft glow and vintage feel -  light some candles - “They’re really cheap, they use way less of New York’s energy than a light bulb. A little candle on a table — there’s nothing more old school than that.”

 Craft Restaurant, NYC

The Standard Grill, NYC - Vintage Lighting Over the Bar and Tables.

Maialino Restaurant, NYC

Maialino Restaurant, NYC

Biergarten, The Standard, NYC - Outdoor Lighting.

Public Restaurant, NYC - Vintage Light Fixtures Found Throughout the Restaurant.

Taking queue from the rustic old-world light fixture trend, I spotted Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn offering vintage inspired lighting.  Both sell a filament bulb to capture the look.

Restoration Hardware
Filament Pendant / $284 / $20 - Filament Bulb

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn - $9 Filament Bulb
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