Milton Glaser's Iconic "I Love NY" Logo Gets a Re-Working of Sorts

Monday, September 27, 2010

 Milton Glaser's Iconic Logo, Created in the 1970s

Jet Blue Airlines has hired designer Milton Glaser to blend his iconic NY logo with the company's marketing strategy of announcing their desires to be New York's "Hometown Airline".   Keeping in the same vein of art meets business advertising, The NY Times has proposed an open call for readers to submit other design ideas for the "I Love NY" logo to partner with....  Check out Jet Blue's new design as well as recent submissions for The Times.  Click here for details on how to submit a design and click here for read more from the article.

Jet Blue Airlines

"I Love The New York Times" - Jess Eddy

"I Loaf New York.  Get It?" - Max Katz

"I Pretzel NY." - Sigmund Pretzelshop, located in the East Village.

"I Love NY But it Breaks My Heart That Gay Couples Can't Legally Marry in New York." - John McCrory

Chantelle Karl, a Senior Public Relations Manager at Yelp explains her design submission:  "Almost three years ago, we opened our second office in New York.  To celebrate, we created these t-shirts with the Yelp 'burst' for the New York staff."
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