Post Oscar Fashions @Vanity Fair's After Party

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lynn Wyatt

Joy Bryant

Kate Beckinsale

Donna Karan

Gabrielle Union

Juliette Lewis

Rosario Dawson

The Shorter End of the Spectrum

Elizabeth Banks

Amanda Seyfried

Cameron Diaz

Taylor Swift

Too Similar?

Anne Hathaway

Leslie Mann

I Kinda Wish She Had Worn This Dress to the Oscars Rather Than to the After Party....

Marisa Tomei | She looks so fresh, with an element of playful sophistication.  The color is fabulous for her skin tone.

The Oscar Dress

Camila Alves | Love the complement of the nude & lace details, plus the design is stunning for her shape.

The Oscar Dress

{Images Via Here and Here}

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