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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everbrite Mercantile Co.
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I have my sweet husband to thank for today's post....  he turned me onto Everbrite Mercantile Co., a Brooklyn, NY based shop, sourcing hand crafted items.  Owner Mollie Dash curates a selection of home goods to clothing to children's toys, designed by local and regional artists. Stop in at the store, or check out their offerings online.  Some items that caught my eye are found below & available for purchase on their website....

Grapeseed Peeling Natural Scrub | Made by Uli Gruber in Red Hook, from Local Long Island Grape Seeds

Zinnia Card Set | Designed by Yee-Haw Industries, a Set of 8 Hand Letterpress-Printed Cards

Cottage Incense Burner | Designed by Pull+Push Products, Made from Mortar, Glass, & Steel

Eames Blocks | From House Industries, a Set of 36 Decorative Blocks Printed with Lead Free & Non Toxic Inks

bling ring: COPPER | Handmade & One-of-a-Kind Rings by Brooklyn Metalsmith Andrew Clark, also offered in Brass & Steel
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