Winning Dresses at the Emmy Awards

Monday, September 19, 2011

The parade of dresses at the Emmys last night, were as ever, a collection of fabulous and not so fabulous choices. It always seems to come back to answering the question -- What is Appropriate? In my opinion, the correct answer is revealed by sticking to a guideline of age appropriateness and selecting correct attire for the event. The Emmy Awards are not as formal as the Oscars or even the Golden Globes, so dresses (and jewelry) should reflect that. Attendees should keep in mind the season (end of summer into fall, but still sunny & warm in CA), and select color and fabrics accordingly.

Favorite of the Evening

Cobie Smulders wearing Alberta Ferreti -- Cobie set herself apart from the other attendees in this perfect gown combing key elements - stunning turquoise color, delicate design details, and simple classic jewelry. 

2 Additional Favorites -- Highlighting flattering design, age appropriateness, and coincidentally, both created by Zac Posen

Martha Plimpton

Christine Baranski

As everyone has heard by now, the trend of the night were RED DRESSES....  worn by ladies both in front of and behind the camera. Couldn't all their stylists have gotten together to avoid this? I had always heard that wearing a red dress on a red carpet was a No No, but clearly that idea was thrown out the window last night. From the many red dresses displayed, only one was to my liking:

Kate Winslet wearing Elie Saab

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