8 Year Blog Anniversary

Monday, January 8, 2018

Saturday, January 6th marked 8 YEARS of writing this blog! As ever, Duchess Fare remains a platform to highlight all facets I love about Lifestyle -- Dynamic People, Inspiring Places, Culinary Creations, A Heavy Dose of Influential Design and Much More!

I invite you to click open my Blog Archive tab, located at the bottom of the blog, and select any previous date over the last 8 years for further insight into the extensive content that defines Duchess Fare.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!

Wellness Tool Kit

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Some of my go-to's stocked in my Wellness Tool Kit......  Be proactive with your health!

  • Weleda Skin Food is really thick when squeezed out of the tube, but it's perfect for extra moisturizing on your face & body. I cut it with Camellia Oil and apply liberally during the Winter months at night to my face

  • Lauricidin a pure monolaurin supplement, "natural, plant-based medium chain saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil that offers unique health-promoting properties." One jar lasts about a month and is made up of small pellets that you swallow, not chew. I take a scoop a day (sometimes 2 if I feel something coming on) for immune defense

  • Ward off any unwanted 'bugs' by taking a good probiotic everyday. I like this one from Klaire Labs

  • ACF from Buried Treasure is like liquid gold! I take this throughout the winter months, or I'll start taking it like the week before I get on an airplane, or I'll take it if I happen to be around someone else with a cold. FYI, Buried Treasure makes a children's formula too

  • Effer-C Elderberry is a really great boost for the immune system. Individual packets mixed into a glass of water, provides an assortment of vitamins and minerals

  • Source Naturals Herbal Resistance Liquid is another option I turn to for immune support, offering a unique mix of ingredients including Echinacea, Elderberry and Ginger Root, to enhace optimal health

  • If you're in the Atlanta area, this is a list of some of my favorite health practitioners

*I am not a doctor, please read labels & research what is best for you.

January Covers

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Looking Back * Leaping Forward

Monday, January 1, 2018

*Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman -- written previously about here / Kicking off 2018 and inspired by these bushels of sugar snap peas and hearty greens, similar ingredients traditionally prepared on New Years Day, culinary symbols of good fortune!

So much terrific blog post content covered over the last year, highlights included below.....  Plus my 8 Year Blog Anniversary is January 6th!

*Q&A's :

*Book Reviews :

*Published Work :

*Most Viewed Post for 2017 :

'From Classic to Contemporary'

Monday, December 18, 2017

The third published work from authors Ellie Cullman and Tracey Pruzan, From Classic to Contemporary: Decorating with Cullman & Kravis, is a must-add title to your gift giving list! Having received numerous accolades during her lengthy career since founding her firm in 1984, Ms. Cullman is joined with Ms. Pruzan, a senior designer for Cullman & Kravis for over 20 years, and collectively, the pair expertly present more of a design textbook than a traditional "coffee table" read. A true page turner, their successful & seasoned experience further deepens the conversation on navigating and celebrating the relationship of when familiar interiors meet forward design.

Showcasing 14 projects from the firm's portfolio, opening with the refresh of  Ms. Cullman's personal NYC apartment, Ms. Cullman and Ms. Pruzan examine the elements that define the design process. Together, they lead a discussion on lessons rooted in distinct principles, including -- outlining the dynamics of scale and proportion, drawing upon the surroundings to develop a color palette, understanding balance between art and accessories -- exploring each completed client commission as a unique reflection through beautiful & bold photography. The book is a masterclass, a testament to Cullman & Kravis's ability to design through a myriad of styles and strike harmony on the design spectrum, Classic to Contemporary. Enjoy a selection of images from the book included below.....

"To design interiors that feel relevant today, we stand by our commitments to the foundation of design."
--Ellie Cullman and Tracey Pruzan

*Above -- Ellie Cullman's Living Room of her NYC Apartment.....  A couple of details to note from the authors:

"We had to find two paintings that could hang side by side and thought that these works by Helen Frankenthaler and Pat Steir made an excellent pair. It's tremendously important when you're decorating to be able to envision how things might live alongside each other."

"Instead of tassel fringes, which can feel too traditional now, we used simple cords and contrast welts on almost all the pillows and upholstery."

*Many thanks to The Monacelli Press for extending me a copy to preview.

'Poetry of Place'

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The architecture and design from McAlpine has been my subject of numerous posts over the years. So it's with much anticipation & absolute pleasure that I share the firm's most recent published work from founder Bobby McAlpine, Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine.

20 selected projects from McAlpine's portfolio are presented to us readers in such a treasured manner, as almost gifts for our senses. Bobby McAlpine reveals the personal design process embedded within each featured property, narrating a distinctive journey as architectural drawings become architectural masterpieces. The firm excels at capturing even the smallest of details, recognizing inspiration comes from the many facets of a client commission -- drawing upon personal travel experiences, cherished memories, while overall, respecting & working with the existing landscape and seeking to incorporate native materials into the architectural plan.

Rather than include a variety of images from the Poetry of Place, I'm choosing to highlight one project, interior & exterior, a Dutch Colonial style indicative of Cape Town, positioned on a picturesque point of a lake. Note the extensive & eye catching architectural accents and interior design by McAlpine partner Ray Booth + enjoy further insight from Bobby McAlpine while taking in each image.....  I highly recommend adding Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine to your design library.

"There is something that occurs in colonial locales where a style incubated by the home country, executed naively in its colony, takes on a sweetness, a kindness, and an innocence that makes it ever more approachable than the original. The desire for this house was to capture that style and story line and do so with a deep sense of authenticity."
--Bobby McAlpine

*Many thanks to Rizzoli for sending me a copy to preview.

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