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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pickup a copy of Bohemian Home magazine.....  I've written a piece for the issue on San Francisco based interior designer Ashley Redmond and the eclectic style of her home (her kitchen below), fittingly referred to as the 'Tiny Treehouse', due to its quaint size and mountain view locale.

*Ashley's Tips to Creating Boho Style Include:

  • Start with a neutral foundation, then layer (and inter-change) pops of color, bright textiles and interesting accessories
  • Incorporate a mix of eye-catching sculptural lighting -- chandeliers, wall sconces, tables lamps, etc.....
  • Bring the outdoors in with greenery -- potted plants, foraged finds, fresh cut flowers
  • Mix design elements -- wood, rattan, metals, fabrics, etc.....  for a unique multi-textural appeal

Judy Collins & Stephen Stills

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nearly 3 years ago, I wrote a post pointing out how at the time Crosby, Stills & Nash were out on a summer tour.....  While separately, Judy Collins was performing around the country as well. If you're a fan of all that music, you know that Stephen Stills (of CSN) and Judy Collins have a storied history together -- the photo above is very telling -- and Stephen wrote Suite: Judy Blue Eyes for Judy, a song that defines an era.

Did I send out some sort of cosmic energy to the universe when I wrote my post in 2014? Because the pair have partnered up and currently on tour together.....  They are coming to Atlanta on 8/9 and playing Atlanta Symphony Hall.

*I highly recommend seeing these two legends if you haven't had the chance......  We saw CSN perform at Chastain Park and Judy Collins at Ferst Center. I grew up in Ridgefield, CT and Judy lives in the area. When I was younger, I'll never forget seeing her while out to dinner with my parents at the Elms Inn (when it was owned by the Scala family) and Judy was there on the same night.

'Classic Style' Q&A

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's no secret that I am a fan of Kate Schelter (pictured below).....  I've written numerous previous posts (herehere, & here) of her seemingly endless range of style-setting expertise matched by her artistic endeavors. Part 'It Girl', part 'Girl Next Door', with a warm & witty smile making fast friends with everyone, Kate's refined eye appreciates both tailored taste and accessible ease with a dash of humor mixed in. It's within this mindset that Kate extends to her successful and broad scope of work for commercial clients & private commissions. Already enjoying a chock full roster, Kate now adds author to her résumé, having recently published her premier hardcover book exploring the fine & familiar, Classic Style: Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out.

I knew Kate's illustrations included in the book would be wonderful -- imagery of defining details from the 70s/80s East Coast traditions (think LL Bean's blue & white fisherman sweater, Tretorns that you never laced & weathered boarding school Ts, among a trove of others).....  But, it's Kate's text that has really exceeded my expectations. For anyone carving out a life as a 'creative', arguably, it's the harder road, but with the unknown outcome comes tremendous excitement and interesting twists & turns around every corner. Kate's own trailblazing journey is an inspiring must read for anyone needing the reminder, or perhaps validation, to trust your gut and keep going!

"Tap into your passions, your motivations, and your biggest fears. The jitters are love in disguise, reminding you that you're getting closer to what you want. Face it. Go toward it. Do it."

*I reached out to Kate for a little deeper insight into her process for writing Classic Style.....  read our Q&A below.....

Classic Style: Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out brings together two great facets of your career — Fashion and Artistic Illustration..… Could you expand on moving beyond your client commissions that have already enjoyed blending these 2 passions, into why you made the decision to create a custom book of your personal inspiration?

My new book Classic Style is an illustrated memoir—very personal connection to all the writing and artwork, and I hope that people recognize their own memories in the illustrations, since they are classic and universal. I use the same muscle as a stylist that I do as a painter: my gut. I simply paint what I love.

'Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out'..…  How did this phrase/concept develop for you?  Is it a principal that you have always incorporated in your life & closet?

As I was writing the book these were three different chapter headings and my editor and I noticed how they played nicely together and were directional: down, up, out. It was a happy accident and it’s also absolutely true to my own experience with style! I wanted the subtitle to communicate something personal, imperfect, and well-loved.

What was your process for selecting the content of the book and where is your inspiration rooted?

I would write and write until I didn’t know where to go, and then I’d paint and paint until I didn’t know where to go. Back and forth, I just created for 5 months, periodically sending everything to my editor, who’s acute insight helped shape the structure for the book. Certain artwork had a clear placement in the book and other pieces were moved around until the final draft. I wanted everything to be just right. So I painted and wrote simultaneously, taking turns and moving back and forth as inspiration and improvisation hit me.

Who are your icons that epitomize Classic Style and why?

Classic Style is a love letter to my family, whom is my largest icon, because it’s personal and has a pure imprint on my life and my style. I also love Grace Kelly, Ali McGraw (in Lovestory), Jane Berkin. Gilda Radner had great style too.

Will you be visiting cities on a book tour?

Yes: New York, Los Angeles, Newport, Cape Cod, Matha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, The Hamptons and Montauk. I’d love to come to Charleston. There’s Classic Style all across the USA!

*Image Patrick Cline

New Work

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I have a piece on the unexpected upcycled style of husband & wife couple, Tom and Allison Schmidt, in the July/August issue of Flea Market Decor. Tom & Allison renovated their 1952 one-story LA area bungalow and handcrafted just about every finish & fixture on the exterior and interior! The pair have an incredible eye (an image from their dining room below) for turning forgotten items into forever treasures. Check out some of their custom pieces through their Etsy shop, California Rediscovered. Tom & Allison will also be opening a brick and mortar store in Santa Monica, CA in the fall.

Steven Gambrel & Tufting

Monday, June 5, 2017


Tufting: "to pass threads through the layers of (a quilt, mattress, or upholstery), securing the thread ends with a knot or button." -- The Free Dictionary

Scroll through the portfolio of interior designer Steven Gambrel (or pick up a copy of his book) and you'll be swept away. Collectively, his rooms reflect a skillful layering of color, decor & history, yet no room is a copy of another -- each project is custom and strictly client focused. That said, what does jump out at me is that Mr. Gambrel has an affinity for the textile process of tufting (defined above).....  I've noticed a tufted piece of furniture (and sometimes in multiples) in just about every room!

I'm curious.....  Why is he drawn to this technique? Is it perhaps the visual interest tufting creates to the overall upholstery pattern, or an element of touchable texture -- aware of the indentations as you run your hand across the seat? Or a subliminal component to Mr. Gambrel's design layering, an instant attraction of warmth and an invitation to sit down? I want to get to the bottom of the logistics defining this signature design style.....  But I suppose the answer will have to wait until I have an interview opportunity. In the meantime, enjoy a selection of Mr. Gambrel's custom tufted pieces available through Dering Hall and images from his completed client projects.







On The Market

Sunday, June 4, 2017

As much as the exterior shot of this recently listed home looks as though it's a scene straight out of the French countryside, it's not.....  In fact, its location is in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. What caught my eye from the real estate listing is that I have posted about this home before.....  Previously owned and designed by Ballard Designs namesake & founder, Helen Ballard. Helen sold the home in September of 2015, but not before she hosted a 3-day estate sale of a bulk of its contents and pieces acquired from her global travels. 

Now, less than 2 years since it sold, the home has hit the market again.....  With a couple of design changes while retaining original finishes and fixtures hand selected by Helen. So, if you missed out 2 years ago, now's your chance to purchase!

*2015/2017 Interior images included below.....

  • Entry : the settee, chest, light fixtures and select accessories have remained within the design of the current owners

  • Kitchen : perhaps one the biggest changes to the overall original design is the addition of a large island w/ sink, occupying a center section of where a long farm table was once positioned

  • Living Room : eye catching light fixture remains, but the current decor reflects a more much subdued color palette

  • Library : the finish of the custom wood paneling & bookshelves is in keeping with Helen's original vision, but the current owner's furnishings & accessories inspire simple yet refined living
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