Thayer Gowdy

Monday, September 24, 2018

Thayer Gowdy
Image Seth Smoot

The Bolinas, CA home of photographer Thayer Gowdy is featured in the Fall 2018 issue of Domino magazine. Readers of this blog are familiar with Thayer, as I have posted about her & her work numerous times. And it seems fitting to be discussing Thayer now, as my 13th wedding anniversary is a week away and she shot our wedding day photos!

Domino includes the renovation details of Thayer's current abode in Bolinas. FB keeps Thayer & I connected, and she has been posting progress of her design transformation throughout the year. I can attest that this project has absolutely been a labor of love -- with the labor supplied by Thayer's talented friends.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, check out my previous post from 2014 highlighting Thayer's remodel of her San Fran home.

*Read more from Domino here.

On The Market

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Butterfly art pieces are what caught my eye within this Peachtree Hills charmer.....  I knew I had seen them before! And it was at Sally King Benedict's gallery party last December. Such a fun & festive evening, featuring Sally's work and selections from her friends, including Jeannie Mills -- the owner of this 2 bedroom / 2 bath home.

My photo from the night of one of Jeannie's pieces below + listing info here

FYI, in Sally's newsletter sent out at the end of August, interior designer Beth Webb is taking over her ground floor gallery space and Sally will be opening a showroom on the 2nd floor of the building this month.

*Rizzoli extended me a copy, read my book review of Beth Webb's An Eye for Beauty here.

September Covers

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

  • Ruth Negga featured in and on the cover of Marie Claire

Ice Cream Tour : Inman Park

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Atlanta's oldest neighborhood, Inman Park, maintains its popularity due to a combination of defining features.....  Period architecture, a range of dining options to satisfy any culinary palate, accessibility to tree filled parks & paths, and the small town charm of streetside shopping.

What I have noticed recently is that Inman Park is your Ice Cream destination! There are seven, YES 7 scoop shops in like a mile of each other. Check out this ice cream tour.....  For me, each one offers hard to turn down delicacies, but Queen of Cream is my favorite!

  • Queen of Cream | My photo above of co-founder Cora Cotrim + written previously about here. Queen of Cream is the only ice cream parlor of this list that can boast that all of their flavors are made in house and on site. I love that they maintain a couple of fan favorite flavors on their menu but rotate in new monthly creations crafted from seasonal ingredients. Hands down, my go-to is Queen of Cream's Black Pearl -- vegan charcoal ice cream. Also, when you go, their ice cream sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies are mouth watering!

  • Jeni's Ice Cream | Located inside Krog Street Market, Jeni's sets the bar high for exceptional ice cream. I have a couple of favorites, but if you're looking for a dairy alternative without sacrificing taste, Jeni's Dark Chocolate Truffle made from coconut cream is decadent!

  • King of Pops | Yes, not technically ice cream, but an always satisfying cold treat! Step off the BeltLine at Elizabeth Street and step up to King of Pop's order window.

  • Ben & Jerry's | Open as of today and arguably can be credited with pushing standard flavors into a new level of deliciousness, with a healthy dose of humor mixed throughout.

  • Voga Italian Gelato | Nestled within Inman Quarter and offering a denser alternative to traditional ice cream.

  • Jake's Ice Cream | I'm dating myself, but I remember when Jake's first opened on Highland, at the intersection across from Highland Bakery. Jake's Ice Cream was ahead of its time in this city! Flavors are known for their catchy names with unexpected ingredients.

  • Butter & Cream | A longtime Decatur fixture, with an additional location in Roswell and a recently opened 3rd scoop shop near Studioplex with access to the BeltLine, Butter & Cream crafts their ice cream in small batches and offers classic flavors in a style reminiscent of old fashioned ice cream parlors.

Face Oil

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let's talk Face Oil.....  I am fan of trying different face products. I've written previously of my daily go-to's including Dermalogica and Rhonda Allison products and more recently I've added Christina Moss Naturals. The last couple of years have seen a rising trend of recommending Face Oil as a crucial component to a complete cleansing regime. At first, I was mixing my own -- maybe some Geranium, Camellia, Lavender, Coconut -- but I've been drawn to trying the formulas of a variety of beauty brands, listed below.....

All of these add Jojoba to their formulas.....  And some of the stand out oils that I am I looking to include, Argan, Neroli, Camellia, are found in all of these brands. But surprisingly, Amaki Face Oil has been my favorite. Its ingredient list is the simplest of the bunch and blends the oils I want to apply to my skin. I find that I can also add a couple of drops to my moisturizing cream for an added boost of richness & radiant glow.

'Country Houses'

Monday, July 16, 2018

Image Eric Piasecki

The pages of the premiere hardcover work, Country Houses: The Architecture of Mark P. Finlay, invite readers on an intimate tour of twelve properties, selected from the award winning portfolio of this Connecticut based architecture and interior design firm.

From the onset, Mr. Finlay's personal introduction - including significant stories from childhood & influential employers - helps to frame the foundation for the qualities and characteristics that define his firm's signature style. Spending much of his youth surrounded by nature and crossing paths with a variety of animals in need, Mr. Finlay credits time taken to design & build structures for their shelter as serving to inspire the architect that he is today, "Someone who strives to develop a fine-grained, closely observed, intuitive understanding of my clients; to craft my designs as closely as possible to their desires; and whose greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the joy they take from my efforts." Noted apprenticeships that began at the age of 15 and continued through college years, helped cultivate crucial client skills, including taking care in watching and listening. And Mr. Finlay's early job experiences not only set the tone for creating a productive office environment, "Respect your coworkers, create a friendly atmosphere, and let every team member take ownership of every project," they also demonstrated lessons in time, "How much time and effort it takes to get a building right, to perfect the details and really make a project come to life."

These early & effective accounts spill over into each chapter, as Mr. Finlay painstakingly extends an in-depth & insiders guide into the design discussion unique to the creation of each client commission. Attention is paid to personal needs & wishes while also being mindful to the conditions of the existing landscape, use of native materials and consideration for the site's history - perhaps retaining & seamlessly blending classic form with current function. A chapter selection w/ photos include.....

Image Warren Jagger Photography

'Heritage, With a Sense of Humor' -- Located within a bedroom community of New York City, this stately Georgian Revival marries period defining details with the custom accents requested by the homeowners. Interior design by Mark P. Finlay Interiors.

Image Eric Piasecki

'Preservation and Reinterpretation' -- Mount Fair, an historic farm located within Virginia horse country, embraces the firm's expert ability at respecting the past while meeting their clients' present day needs.

Image Warren Jagger Photography

'Expressing Permanence' -- A client's getaway home perfectly poised lakeside and designed to accommodate a range of ages. The Adirondack style is a nod to the area's architectural history of family compounds and camps. Interior design by Mark P. Finlay Interiors.

Country Houses is an all encompassing text, paired with rich photographs that capture the grand scale views & fine finishes of every inspiring example and architectural drawings provide insight into proportion as it pertains to the terrain. Yes, these client commissions are dream like, but by honoring unlimited design possibilities, Mark P. Finlay Architects create treasured testaments in a true reflection of artistic reality. I highly recommend adding a copy of Country Houses to your design library.

*September 20 - Country Houses & Mark P. Finlay book signing in Greenwich, CT -- details here

*Many thanks to Images Publishing for extending me a copy to preview. All photos have been provided by the publisher.

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