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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love, love, love Zoe Lancaster and her company, Barkology.  She has designed fun & creative ways for pet owners to proudly display their love for their "fur babies" on t-shits, hats, note cards, stickers, and carrying totes.  Always keeping animal advocacy at the heart of the business, Zoe designs a t-shirt for each new season's collection with proceeds benefiting an animal related non-profit organization.

I always noticed Zoe and her husband walking their crew of dogs in my old neighborhood, here in Atlanta.  I was living next door to her about 12 years ago.  I'll never forget the time when walking my own dog - Coffee, who lived to 16, RIP - when I noticed Zoe pulling her car over to stop at house with a pile of trash at the curb.  The owners had thrown out tired looking plants.  I watched as Zoe opened up her trunk and started to "rescue" these still alive, just not so pretty plants and take them home to be revived.  That image has always stuck with me, so of course I was not surprised to find her continuing her innate sense of compassion and spirit within her business life.

Our much loved & frequented pet food shop, Highland Pet Supply in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood, is one of many purveyors that carries Zoe's line of goodies.  I am particularly fond of her pet condolence cards - simple, but elegant black & white images that speak volumes.  For more info and locations to purchase Barkology check out / For more info on Highland Pet Supply check out
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