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Friday, February 5, 2010

No Valentine's Day would be complete without a little indulgence.  I typically prefer all things CHOCOLATE - but check out the following recommendations for a little something different for your Valentine.

I discovered Toffee to Go at the Atlanta Food Show about a year ago.  The owners parlayed a family recipe once reserved for holiday gifts to a full fledged toffee business.  I always order the "assortment" of toffee - 3 different combinations, each rich & delectable, crunchy, salty, and sweet at the same time.  Check out their website for more info - / They are offering a $5 off (Promo Code VAL5) on the 1 lb. pink & mocha striped boxes of assorted toffee and $10 off (Promo Code VAL10) on the 24 oz. of assorted toffee in the gold tins, all when ordered by February 12.  My box is already on its way!

I read about this next sweet treat, Good Karmal, in Wednesday's Dining Section of the NY Times.  Their descriptions of flavors & Valentine theme wrapped morsels sound so creamy & dreamy!  Check out the following review and information from the NY Times:

"Making the most of their season, tiny cupids decorate the red wrappers on Good Karmal’s buttery caramels, which sit in a beribboned basket for Valentine’s Day. The wrappers bear quotations from authors including Henry Miller, Aesop and Maya Angelou, and even a Zen proverb, “Leap and the net will appear.”
Vanilla, sea salt and chocolate sea salt flavors are mixed in the regular assortment. Another assortment adds black raspberry and green apple, and a third has espresso and chipotle flavors. The caramels are fresh, and are not sold in stores.
Good Karmal Valentine’s Day assortments are $45 for 30 pieces, $75 for 60 and $105 for 90. A portion of the proceeds goes to environmental charities;"
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