Design: Christopher & Suzanne Sharp

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Husband and wife dynamic duo Christopher & Suzanne Sharp are the founders of The Rug Company.  Long before they officially established the business in 1997 in London, the Sharps traveled the world extensively for both personal journeys & professional assignments.  During their stop overs in Riyadh, India, and Myanmar, to name a few, Christopher & Suzanne were drawn to the local markets, purchasing artisan handmade rugs, which they found themselves selling to friends upon their return to London.  Looking to build on their happenstance success as rug purveyors, the Sharps invited noted British interior designers - Nina Campbell, Nicolas Haslam, and Mary Fox Linton - to design patterns to be created into rugs.  These relationships worked twofold, one by drawing attention to The Rug Company, gaining visibility among the designers of London, and two, Christopher & Suzanne took the next step in the development of their business by seeking out skilled craftsmen & workshops in Nepal to produce the custom designs.  As of today, The Rug Company employs 2,000 skilled weavers.
Included in The March 2010 issue of Vogue magazine are photos of the Sharps' London home.  Their style & design influences can be found throughout the images....  from the rugs, to accessories, to the upholstery on the furniture.  Such a great example of layering texture & print with antiques & new found treasures.
For more info pick up a copy of the March Vogue or check out The Rug Company's website...
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