Atlanta Restaurant Critic: Christiane Lauterbach

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

 Street Vendors in NYC

Longtime Atlanta restaurant critic, Atlanta Magazine food writer, and publisher of the foodie newsletter Knife and Fork, Christiane Lauterbach knows a thing or two about the town's restaurant scene...  the owners, the concepts, the staff, and more importantly, the food.  Most recently, she has started a blog - Atlanta Food Carts - taking issue with the lack of local food carts found on the streets of Atlanta.  Street vendors are a common sight in cities like New York...  with pretzels and hot dogs widely available, and when traveling abroad, most city street vendors are the best way to sample the local cuisine.  Lauterbach's blog is a wonderful forum for discussion looking to raise awarness and gain support for Atlanta's food cart movement.  The following taken from Atlanta Food Carts blog description:

"Born of frustration, started in hope, nourished by memories of delicious street food eaten al fresco in other American cities (Portland, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orleans among them), this blog would like to document a budding Atlanta scene inhibited so far by existing regulations adverse to the process. Its author, Christiane Lauterbach of Knife & Fork, The Insider's Guide to Atlanta Restaurants, and Atlanta magazine, hopes you will forgive her technical limitations and general reluctance to take digital pictures. She is more the literary type…and she would love for you to follow her digressions and excursions."

For more information check out Christiane Lauterbach's blog:  click here

Local Atlanta Cafe, Souper Jenny, Supporting the Cause with "The Incredible Flying Soup Mobile", Newly Equipped and Ready to Serve!

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