Historic Home Preservationist: Richard Jenrette

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Richard Jenrette has held a life long passion of preserving significant architectural home design.  The Wall Street financier, has been acquiring historic gems since the mid 1960's, completing renovation work when needed and furnishing his homes with period antiques.  Mr. Jenrette created Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, in part to protect and preserve these American design artifacts as well as open them for public viewing.

Millford Plantation, Pinewood, S.C.

Attached is Kathryn Matthew's article from today's NY Times, announcing extended viewing tours for Millford Plantation:

"Richard Jenrette, a retired Wall Street financier, bought Millford Plantation in Pinewood, S.C. — an antebellum house he calls the “Taj Mahal of my dreams” — in 1992. He already owned five other grand old homes, but Millford, he said, was “the finest example of pre-Civil War Greek Revival architecture in America.”

A National Historic Landmark, it was built in 1841 by Susan and John Laurence Manning as a smaller version of the Charleston Hotel (demolished in 1960). It retains much of its original interior: 16-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, a cylindrical chambered circular stairway, elaborate woodwork and plasterwork with classical Greek and Roman motifs and Duncan Phyfe furniture.

Starting this month, Mr. Jenrette, the founder and president of the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, is opening the house to visitors year-round. Information: (803) 452-6194 or classicalamericanhomes.org."

Pick up a copy of Adventures With Old Houses for more personal insights, photos, and information on Mr. Jenrette's life long path of historic home preservation.
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