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Friday, April 2, 2010

From experience, this area of Florida is a wonderful destination for finding vintage items - clothing, furniture, accessories, etc...  Mom and I just targeted south of Tampa along I-75 & Tamiami Trail - Sarasota to Marco Island.  Check out the following article, Snowbirds Cast Off Their Inner Fashionistas, from today's NY Times for more info and locations to explore.

"Mitzi Gordon shops in YesterDaze, where influences are broad. "Tampa is a kaleidoscope of cultures," said Gary Mormino, a professor of history at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg."

"The market is largely driven by the snowbirds who bring their clothes with them when they move South and a younger population with the cash and interest in buying those clothes."

 "The interior of Squaresville Vintage Clothing & Retro Home D├ęcor store."

"We're fortunate to have a big shift in the older generation that tends to move to this area and brings their favorite things that they couldn't quite give up yet," Ms. Wax said.

"Jill Wax opened the vintage store La France in 1974. She has four streetfront windows with constantly rotating displays."
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