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Friday, June 11, 2010

I continue to spot reclaimed and reused wood pieces reworked into seating, tables, homes accessories, and even bicycle handlebars!  When choosing to incorporate wood pieces for home interiors or lifestyle needs, be mindful of simple line, in form and design, and choosing to keep the wood in its natural state.  These two elements help to lighten up the contrast of an otherwise large chunk of material found throughout the home.  Check out the following images highlighting wood recycling at its best.

Casual Bench Style Seating - My Photo, Taken @White Provision, Atlanta, GA.

Veranda Magazine June 2010 - The interiors of this beach-side home exude simple, refined details & materials.

Home Accessories - June 2010 House Beautiful recommends wood piece labels for entertaining or household needs and July 2010 Town & Country suggests wood tongs for serving ware.
House Beautiful, June 2010.

Town & Country, July 2010.
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