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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fedora hats are everywhere this summer from coast to coast....  the perfect fashion accessory that can change the overall of a look with the angled placement of the brim.  Styles range in price depending on materials used in construction and can be found for purchase thru the street vendors in NYC to the higher end designer boutiques. Traditionally a man's tailored accessory, women have incorporated the Fedora for casual to sleek looks.  The market seems to be saturated with Fedoras, one would think its time is up on the fashion stage, but this timeless design will always have its place among the trend setting and head turning fashionistas.

1942 - Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.  Set in the Early Days of WWII.

1965 - The Sound of Music - I Remembered Noticing How Louisa and Friedrich Both Incorporated the Fedora.  Set in Austria in the 1930's.

Mid-1960's - Legendary Socialite and Trend-setter Babe Paley

1992 - The Lover - Jane March's Character Pairing the Fedora with Her Hair in Pigtail Braids, Blurring the Lines Between School Girl & Adult Woman.  Set in 1929, French Indochina.

Summer 2006 - The French Open - I Remembered Seeing Jennifer Aniston Photographed in a Fedora with Boyfriend at the Time, Vince Vaughn.

Stylish Mom - Reese Witherspoon

Stylish Mom - Madonna

Stylish Mom - Michelle Williams

Stylish Daughter - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with Mom, Angelina Jolie and Sister, Zahara

Stylish Daughter - Kaia Gerber with Mom, Cindy Crawford

Julia Roberts - Her Character, Holding her Fedora, in the Upcoming Movie Eat, Pray, Love

Legendary NY Times street photographer, Bill Cunningham, shot pics of New Yorkers sporting the Fedora trend back in 2007.  Yesterday's NY Times Style Section included another round of Cunningham's street models, further emphasizing the Fedora is the Hot, Hot, Hot summer accessory.  Check out this link to see his video too.

August 2007 - Bill Cunningham - Cats in the Hats

July 25, 2010 - Bill Cunningham - Tiptop

Check out this link to the NY Times article - A Hat So In, Its Got to Be Out - by City Critic Ariel Kaminer.  Read and watch the video link, as she makes her way from downtown to uptown, scouring the NYC streets for info and impressions of the Fedora trend.

The City Critic Ariel Kaminer, Pictured in Her $15 Fedora

Fedora Hats, In Various Styles, Ready for Purchase at a NYC Wholesaler
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