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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Emily Chaffee has artisan talent in her blood...  Her father was a skilled craftsman.  Her mother has an eye for antiques and interior design.  Her older sister, who is my dear friend ever since we met in our freshman year college dorm 18 years ago, is an artist & writer.  Growing up in the idyllic Cape Cod town of Sandwich, her family's home nestled among the marsh with sea views beyond, you can't be but inspired by the surroundings.  Emily found her own form of artistic expression when her path in school lead her to a degree in Architecture.

Emily Chaffee

Out of a love for gift giving full of creativity and unique craftsmanship, Emily has started designing custom baby & childrens clothes (and even for big kids too). Her hobby of sewing and knitting is taking shape and influenced by friends and family. Emily starts her design process with an organic cotton item of clothing - onesie or t-shirt. Next, taking design queues with the child in mind who will be the recipient, thinks about their favorite colors, characters, likes & dislikes...  As she explains:  "Words that touch on my inspiration for these creations are play, joy, flow, fun, emerging, expression, allowing, and giving.  I love pouring my creativity into something small and emerging out of that process with a little gift.  I enjoy staying present through the process and letting it take on a life of its own."  Emily's end result is an article of clothing custom styled to the personality of the baby or child, infused with the sense of free flowing design spirit. Check out the images below of Emily's work and if interested in one of her custom designed creations for yourself or a loved one, stop by her Etsy shop.

"Stevie" - Inspired by Stevie's Fascination with Mummy's.  Notice Below the Custom Name Tag Included Sewn Into the Back of the Shirt.  

"Stevie" - Detail

"Stevie" - Custom Name Tag for the Owner

"Alex" - A Custom Onesie

"Alex" - Detail

"Laura" - Crafted with a Monster Design

"Bella" - Crafted with a Rain Cloud Design

"Bella" - Detail

"Hudson" - Crafted with a Monster Design

"Hudson" - Detail
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