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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's post takes inspiration from Friday's post's subject matter....  the accomplished and artistically driven Miller Sisters. Friday I discussed the second of the three Miller sisters, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, and her children's clothing Marie-Chantal.  Today, highlights youngest Miller sister, Alexandra.

Following her global upbringing - Asia, Europe, and the US - Alexandra's path to hone her artistic eye led her to academic pursuits at Parsons (costume design) and Brown (art history).  In 1995 she married legendary women's fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg's son, Alexander.  Alexandra assumed the position of Creative Director at Diane Von Furstenberg for 10 years and is credited with the success of bringing back into stores Furstenberg's cherished design creation, the Wrap Dress.  Cut to 2007, divorced and transplanted to LA, Alexandra's personal designs of acrylic furniture for her home became the inspiration to launch her own line of home furnishings and accessories - Alexandra Von Furstenberg.  Her first collection - Fearless - released in 2008, consisted of acrylic neon tables.  In 2009, her second collection - Voltage - a 9 piece limited edition, offered acrylic tables in smokier tones.  Her success has led to designing additional pieces for the line - specifically tabletop accessories.  The October 2010 issue of Town & Country Magazine highlights one such piece, Alexandra's Charm candy bowl, acrylic material offered in an assortment of colors.  Check out some of the images below of Alexandra's work.

Alexandra's Blacksmith Acrylic Desk

Alexandra's Acrylic Side Tables

Alexandra's Sledge Acrylic Coffee Table

Alexandra's Neon Acrylic Trays

Town & Country, October 2010.  Alexandra's Charm candy bowl featured in Design Trends.
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