House of Turquoise Highlights the Work of Atlanta Interior Designer Meg Adams

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meg Adams

I happened upon the House of Turquoise blog yesterday and was smitten by its subject matter...  blogger Erin writes of her love (and obsession) of the color turquoise and seeks to showcase interior spaces that utilize the color in all aspects of room composition.  Her blog post from Tuesday 9/7, highlights the work of Atlanta designer Meg Adams and the room she created for the 40th Annual Decorators' Show House & Gardens held back in the Spring of 2010.  Meg's design of the Breakfast Room - with turquoise toned fabrics and accessories - is the perfect fit for inspiration and focus on the House of Turquoise blog.  I couldn't be more happier to see Meg's work applauded.  Meg was my first boss at my first job here in Atlanta back in the fall of 1997.  I had recently moved to Atlanta after living in Singapore and knew I wanted to focus in on some sort of job in the interior design field.  I applied for a job at Pineapple House Interior Design, where Meg was a senior designer and I became her assistant.  I can't say enough wonderful things of working with her....  not only did I learn from her design eye - the right mix of putting together color, texture, and accessories (she can accessorize a bookcase like nobody's business) but ultimately respected the way she handled clients.  Meg knew how to set the right tone of ease and approachability while also making it clear that she was a hard worker, determined to meet the goal of her clients' needs & wants.  Meg's completed spaces speak for themselves, always exceeding the client's expectations.  Check out the images.

Spring 2010 Decorators' Show House & Gardens, Tuxedo Road, Atlanta, GA

The Breakfast Room at the Decorators' Show House / Meg Adams Interior Design.  House of Turquoise blogger Erin loved the Marjorie Skouras chandelier and the Osborne & Little fabrics.

Osborne & Little Drapery and Accent Pillows

Marjorie Skouras Chandelier

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