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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Block and Brayer Textiles
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Hollis McFadden is the creator and designer behind Block and Brayer, a textile company based in Athens, GA. Hollis' deliberate choices of materials - hemp linen for her fabric and non-toxic ink for her patterns - are both environmentally friendly and help to extend the overall life of her textiles.  Her artisan process involves creating custom designs, carving the pattern, and utilizing a hand block printing technique, all performed in her Athens studio. Block and Brayer fabrics can be purchased by the yard for upholstery and ready made pillows are available as well. For order inquiries:  info@blockandbrayer.com.  Check out below a selection of pillows from Block and Brayer - I love the mix of organic patterns with nature inspired colors. Many thanks to blogger Allison @Lulu Interiors for turning me onto Block and Brayer after reading her post.

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