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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Octopus imagery always reminds me of 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaOctopussy, and Ringo Starr singing Octopus's Garden.  So while pulling together some interesting home furnishings offered by Anthropologie for my previous post from 1/16, I couldn't help but take notice when I came across a set of drapery panels with these sea creatures' motif.  At first, they seem a little out of place for room decor, but the more I take in the details, the vintage whimsy & play of scale is rather appealing.  So then yesterday, I stumble upon the website for Lewis & Sheron, a wholesale fabric seller here in Atlanta, not realizing that they sell fabric by the yard online as well.  I quickly looked through their categories of fabric options, and noticed in their "Animal Motif Fabric" an octopus print similar to what I just saw on Anthropologie.  Further searching, I turned up that the designer of both prints is Thomas Paul.  Paul has designed some exclusive items for Anthroplogie and Duralee, reps his fabric line.  Check out some of Paul's vintage illustrations (think Moby Dick) incorporated into contemporary home furnishings & accessories.

Anthropologie's Deep See Curtain | Click Here for Purchase

Thomas Paul for Duralee | Click Here

Lewis & Sheron | $19.98 Per Yard | Click Here for Purchase

Thomas Paul Octopus Shawl | Click Here for Purchase

Thomas Paul Octopus Outdoor Pillow | Click Here for Purchase

Thomas Paul Octopus Shower Curtain | Click Here for Purchase

Check out some of the other interesting Octopus motif accessories currently available:

Octopus Triptych | Click Here for Purchase
{Image Found Here}

Grow House Grow's Octopus Garden Wallpaper for Anthropologie | Click Here for Purchase

From Etsy Seller kyooziAccessories | Octopus Clutch | Click Here for Purchase

Lilly Pulitzer's Leggy Necklace | Click Here for Purchase

From Etsy Seller CuriousLondon | Octopus Recycled Handmade Kraft Tags | Click Here for Purchase

Anthropologie's The Deep Salad Plate | Click Here for Purchase

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