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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daphne Guinness | Photographed for Harper's Bazaar, March 2011
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Born into a life of European high society, Daphne Guinness is the daughter of an heir to the Guinness brewing fortune and granddaughter of one of the famed Mitford Sisters, 6 fashionable darlings of their time from an aristocratic English family.  Daphne has blazed her own avant-garde path as part muse to legendary fashion designers and part artist - designing her own clothes & jewelry.  I am continually amazed not only by the forward reaching fashions and haute couture pieces that she wears, but admire the down right nerve with which she does it. Clearly, her look is not one that a typical woman can pull off, which is why if find her so appealing & interesting to watch.  Her deep friendships with renowned style icon Isabella Blow and fashion designer Alexander McQueen (unfortunately, both of whom have passed), led to magnificent fashion collaborations.  I loved reading back over the summer how rather than seeing Ms. Blow's insanely wonderful & personal wardrobe/estate go on the auction block (which included 90 Alexander McQueen pieces), Daphne privately purchased the entire collection, noting the importance of keeping all the designs intact.  This month, Daphne is featured in Harper's Bazaar magazine, and the interiors of her NYC apartment are photographed for Architecural Digest.  Check out more below, followed by video of Daphne in her home surrounded by her lavish designs.

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