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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My neighbor is an assistant to a local Atlanta interior designer -- Lee Anne Culpepper.  Lee Anne hosts a weekly radio show on the top to bottom topics of design & home maintenance/ownership.  My neighbor asked me if I would come on today's show and talk about the idea of "up-cycling" furniture and accessories.

My passion is turning up otherwise forgotten vintage home furnishings and bringing them back to a 21st century lifestyle -- either through paint, re-upholstery, or repair.  In our grandparent's generation, tables, chairs, sofas, etc...  were made of much higher quality materials and real wood, rather than what is being sold in most home stores today.  My feeling is that if we're going to recycle our newspapers, cans, & plastic, we need to fold that same mentality into our decor.  Ultimately, the idea is to move away from the idea of a "disposable" society and reuse what is already existing.

Click here to listen online....  The show starts at 3:00pm.

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