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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

British Invasion Week continues with my 3 favorite British chefs....  Each captivating in personality, passion, and culinary style.  

Gordon Ramsay ~ He leads with a expert level of high expectations in all aspects of Dining -- the decor of his of restaurants is impeccable, his wait-staff offer exceptional service to patrons, and his food is perfection.  Chef Ramsay films cooking show for both UK & US television and is the author of several cookbooks.

Nigella Lawson ~ Nigella's career path started off in Journalism, but quickly changed routes when her home-style cooking techniques and recipes began to attract a loyal following.  Her command of such a descriptive vocabulary when talking about food adds to the luscious appeal of her TV show, enhancing just as much flavor & spice as do ingredients to a dish.  Nigella is the author of numerous cookbooks, films cooking shows in both the UK & US, and offers her own line of cookware.

Jamie Oliver ~ Jamie's style mixes cooking for family & friends with whats growing fresh in the garden.  His casual good times appeal is matched by a true passion of cooking and understanding culinary roots.  He is spearheading an anti-obesity campaign in US public schools and exposing the horrors of cafeteria lunch food with his program Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Watch the video below for Jamie's British cooking show - Jamie's 30 Minute Meals - as he prepares the perfect summer brunch/lunch menu.

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