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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bakery at Cakes & Ale and Cakes & Ale (the restaurant), Newly Opened Next Door Neighbors

The charming farm-to-table restaurant Cakes & Ale, located in downtown Decatur, GA, has picked up and moved closer into the heart of the Square. Along with this change of venue, brought the addition of a sister space next door to the restaurant, The Bakery at Cakes & Ale. Not even open a week, we stopped in Friday morning to sample their fresh baked goods & handcrafted cappuccinos.

The side by side storefronts were completely gutted and reworked to accommodate effecient design & fresh style needs. During the renovation process, upon peeling back existing Sheetrock, the crew uncovered an original painted sign on the left side wall of the soon to be bakery. The descriptive words were so fitting for the new space, that it was polished up and left to be the focal point of the room. Check out some photos from our visit below -- interiors shots & pics of our bakery treats.

The Historic Sign & Completed Space (above), Renovation Work (below). Click here to see more "before" photos from Cakes & Ale's blog.

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Counter seating and tables & chairs along the right side of the Bakery. We sat by the front window at the cutest 2-top, looking out onto the Decatur MARTA entrance....  great people watching!

Jim's "Monkey Bread" pastry & cappuccino, with lively view out onto the sidewalk

My unbelievable croissant & cappuccino

Billy Allin is the chef/owner of Cakes & Ale. We got to meet his wife, co-owner Kristin Allin (above), on our way out. Put Cakes & Ale -- both the bakery & restaurant -- on your list to try!

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