HALLOWEEN Double Feature

Friday, October 28, 2011

Two of my very favorite films to watch at Halloween coincidentally both star Tim Curry. First up, the 1986 movie The Worst Witch, based on the books written by Jill Murphy. Additional cast members include noted actors Diana Rigg and Charlotte Rae, and a very young Fairuza Balk. It's the greatest tale of a young witch trying to get through her studies of spells and potions at her witch academy.

Followed by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, released in 1975. Clearly the more saucier of the two in story line, but perfect for an older crowd in both audience participation and Halloween dress up fun! Stars include Susan Sarandon as Janet, Barry Bostwick as Brad, and Meatloaf as Eddie. A flat tire has forced Brad & Janet to abandon their car and venture out into a stormy night in search of a phone to call for help. They stumble upon a dark and old mansion with a party of sorts unfolding and they are asked to stay as house guests. Watch below for more....

The Worst Witch (above) and Rocky Horror Picture Show (below) -- both star Tim Curry

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