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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emily Thompson

Brooklyn, NY based florist Emily Thompson was asked to lend her design services in decorating the interiors of the White House this holiday season. Thompson takes influence from nature when creating arrangements, with the addition of branches & lush greenery, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Vogue magazine features a Q&A with Thompson and among other tropics, asks what are her 3 decorating tips for at-home holiday decorating:

1. Use wild material: I always prefer to pull branches and weeds from the backyard before seeking out commercially grown flowers. In fact, I would suggest finding an interesting dead branch for your holiday centerpiece. You can dress it sparingly or elaborately, but defintely let the wood dry out first so you can eradicate any creatures that might come with it. Unless, of course, your prefer them to emerge during your dinner toasts!

2. Decorate with savory vegetables or fruits: Leeks, onions, long-stemmed garlic, black radishes, and weirdly shaped squashes can be unexpected and supremely elegant. Try nestling them in kale rosettes or other strong lettuce-aisle choices. Keep in mind these elements can have strong aromas, so consider your own instincts for pleasing smells, and consider the menu. Edible foliage makes an incredible canvas for cheeses or finger foods as well. If you prefer fruit, why not copy your favorite Dutch or Spanish still-life painting? Peel an orange in a spiral, just halfway, and let it scent the room. 

3. Don’t confine your decor: Allow your flowers, vegetables, and tchotchkes to trail onto your tables and other surfaces.  Let them drool down, twine upwards, splay across your walls and floors, and intertwine with the surrounding objects and architecture. This technique can make for a marvelous buffet table—you want to let everything erupt into the party.

As Quoted In Vogue

The East Room of the White House -- See behind the decorating scenes with pics form Thompson's blog and click here to read more from my previous post on Thompson.

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