Ali Wentworth / DC to NYC

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ali Wentworth -- In NYC, Architectural Digest MAR '12 (above ) and in DC, Elle Decor MAY '09 (below)

Having recently written a post on Ali Wentworth, including photos from Elle Decor of her Washington, DC home from May '09, I was excited to see the interiors of her new NYC apartment featured in the March '12 issue of Architectural Digest. In the AD article, Ali describes packing up key pieces from her Georgetown Greek Revival residence to be reworked into her Upper East Side flat, decorated by interior designer Michael S. Smith.

I've pointed out below some of Ali's treasured items photographed in her DC home and now seen in her NYC one.

DC Entry (above) and NYC Entry & Dining Room (below) -- notice the Lucian Freud Drawing, decorative Stone on Wood Pedestal, and Artwork on the staircase

DC Living Room (above) and NYC Living Room (below) -- notice the landscape painting hung on a wall is now positioned over the fireplace

Images AD & Elle Decor

Ali's most recent book, Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales, is out now....  Watch the video below for more.

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