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VOTE for Honeysuckle Gelato!

Our fav-or-ite gelato is by a local company here in Atlanta, Honeysuckle Gelato. We discovered Honeysuckle last summer, at a food truck gathering in our neighborhood. Rather than a brick & mortar store, the 3 founding partners (and gelato makers extraordinaire) are getting the word out about their amazing gelato flavors with their Honeysuckle mobile truck....  Honeysuckle's popularity and fan following has allowed the company to expand into providing their gelato to other businesses (Cacao Atlanta serves up their tasty flavors) as well as offering hand-packed pints. Exciting recent news includes the Honeysuckle Gelato team as 1 of 3 finalists nominated for Daily Candy's Start Small, Go Big contest. A win for Honeysuckle would provide an amazing opportunity for more exposure and further success for their business. Click here for more info.... you can vote once a day until August 24.


bright girl said...

I JUST posted pics from visiting the AFTP where I saw Honeysuckle. Sadly they closed up when we went for dessert but I really want to go back and get some of their gelato!!

Duchess Fare said...

Oh no.... Hopefully you can catch them next time! Their flavors are super delicious!!

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