Clever Dripper

Friday, October 26, 2012

I've never been much of a coffee drinker (we've never owned a machine)....  Espresso on the other hand, YES Please! But, following a tour of our local coffee roaster Batdorf & Bronson and getting to chance to savor different style beans & learn about brewing techniques, I've started making a cup (or two) in the morning.

I have Jason Dominy to thank for turning me onto the perfect 1 cup maker -- the Clever Dripper. The Clever Dripper design works two-fold...  It allows for a neat & contained brewing process to occur when set on a flat surface and when placed over the rim of a coffee cup, the draining mechanism at the underside is triggered and brewed coffee flows into your cup. This coffee making method couldn't be easier.... You'll need:

  • Clever Dripper
  • Paper Filter (I use #4)
  • Just Boiling Water
  • 2 Tablespoons of Ground Beans, Set on a Coarse Grind (I have been drinking Dancing Goats Blend)
  • Coffee Cup

Place the paper filter in the Clever Dripper and set on top of your cup. Boil up some water and coat the paper filter, letting the water drain through into your cup (this step also helps to warm your cup). Once the water has completely filtered through into your cup, remove the Clever Dripper from the top of the cup and set on a flat surface. Add about 2 nice sized tablespoons of coffee grounds to the filter (at this step, add more or less grounds depending on how strong or weak you drink your coffee). Boil up about 12oz of water and pour into the Clever Dripper, slowly over the coffee. Set your timer for 4 minutes and allow the coffee to brew. Once the time is up, discard the hot water that has been in your cup (keeping it warm), place the Clever Dripper on top of your cup, and allow your freshly brewed hot coffee to drain....  Discard your filter/grounds and rinse the Clever Dripper of any remaining coffee liquid and set out to dry. Enjoy!

Watch Jason brew the perfect cup on the attached video below....

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