Downsize to Upcycle

Thursday, November 29, 2012

After - side elevation
Image NYT

Today's NY Times Home Section features a Raleigh, NC based family who downsized from their 3200sq ft home to a more manageable 1300 sq ft residence (photo above). In the process, this family of 4 saw their property taxes cut in half, while also making the deliberate decision to upcycle the original footprint of existing dilapidated ranch style home, located around the corner from their previous one.

Local architecture firm Richard Hall Designs transformed the one story structure into a shining example of well planned contemporary architecture. The NY Times includes "after" photos of the space, but Richard Hall Designs' Facebook page has a couple of "before"....  check out below.

Before - side elevation

Before - front of the house

After - front of the house

Before - side of the house, original brick detail

After - original brick detail now painted

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