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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John Derian in his Provincetown, MA Kitchen

Since establishing his company in 1989, New York City based artisan John Derian has earned well deserved success within the home decor market. His name is almost synonymous with decoupage style, a technique that Derian has applied to otherwise everyday home accessories....  Paperweights, bowls, dishes, platters (etc..) are transformed into unique pieces with interesting vintage imagery of animals, flowers, sea life, detailed patterns, hand lettering, and more. Watch the video attached below for additional insight....

The NY Times recently featured the interior design of Derian's East Village Studio, which I highlighted in a previous post....  Derian also owns a 18th century seaside home in Provincetown, MA, that is a stellar example of his innate design eye and honed editing skills, particularly with decorative accessories. Photos below include interior shots, taking note of various objects reworked throughout the home.

Living Room -- The Mantel (below) with a portrait painting, and then that same painting finds a home above a bathroom sink.

Casual Seating Area -- Pillows and linens switched out (below), as well as a different round table but still accessorized with the same/additional objects.

 Guest Room -- Bedding and end table are reworked (below).

Decorative Mirror finds a home over a mix of vintage furnishings.

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