Grand Central Terminal Turns 100

Friday, February 1, 2013

All Aboard! New York City's Grand Central Terminal turns 100 today....  In its lifetime, the Beaux-Arts style building located in Midtown Manhattan has served as a major hub for travelers in and out of the city (about 750,000 people daily), while at the same time standing proudly as one of the NYC's historic landmarks. A status that came about through the efforts by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who led the charge in preserving the building, once slated for demolition in the late 1960s/mid 1970s. The overwhelming support to save Grand Central and to protect the future of other architectural gems led to founding the Landmark Law.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis (center) with Fred Papert of the Municipal Art Society (left) and architect Philip Johnson (right) -- Outside of Grand Central

The interior is full of awe inspiring decorative details including the celestial ceiling & centrally placed Clock in the Main Concourse. Grand Central is also a shopping & dining destination including....  The Market, a foodie lovers mecca, complete with fresh and prepared items to grab & go whether you're coming from or going to the train....  The Campbell Apartment, once the private offices for John W. Campbell in the 1920s, has been restored to its original grandeur and operates today as an upscale bar and private events locale.

Looking Up to the Clock & Starry Ceiling

Grand Central Market

Campbell Apartment

As a child living in a Connecticut bedroom community of NYC, we would take the train into "Town" (as my parents referred to it).... One of the many fun secrets in the design of Grand Central is an area known as the Whispering Gallery, created by low slung ceilings, where at the 4 corners of the space, you can talk into 1 wall's corner, and the sound travels up and over the domed ceiling to the person standing at the opposite corner....  This was a scene that my father loved to show us as kids! Of course, it was always hilarious for passerbys to watch this unfolding as my brothers & I huddled into the corner to listen to our dad opposite from us, as he appeared to be having a conversation with himself....

 The Whispering Gallery

And because I'm a huge fan.....  attached below is a video from Carly Simon who held a concert in Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse in 1995....

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