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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lee Radziwill

This past Sunday's New York Times included the T Style Magazine insert with a must read article (and cover photo) of Lee Radziwill.... the interview with writer Nicky Haslam at Ms. Radziwill's Paris apartment (below), includes heart felt stories of family and friends, paired with a lifetime span of beautiful personal photographs....  Additionally, watch director/actor Sofia Coppola's interview from Ms. Radziwill's New York City home, attached below....

Cover to cover, the entire magazine has been refreshed under the discerning eye of new editor Deborah Needleman. An immediate change to note is the reworking of the "T" logo (seen below), the former design on the left and new interpretation on the right. Needleman's previous successful publishing roles include founding editor of Domino magazine in 2005 and appointed editor of WSJ magazine in 2010. Included in this issue are articles written by Domino alumni Rita Konig and Sara Ruffin Costello.

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