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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One of Mr. Ferguson's many talents is that he can build anything....  At one point, he ran his own boutique design/build firm here in Atlanta, tackling the spectrum of residential projects. His carpentry know-how skills come in quite handy around our house, and most recently, he spent the better part of the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) making bookshelves for me.

When on my travels for vintage finds, I can't turn away design & cook books....   Anything having to with subjects like antiques, period style, classic Craig Claiborne, James Beard, etc....  So, as you can imagine, my collection of books is now getting a little out of hand and I was in great need of a space to organize and display my favorite titles.

On an existing plain wall, Mr. Ferguson put together a custom bookshelf, with materials all from our local home improvement store. He screwed the upright brackets right into the studs and added bracket arms to support the 1" X 12" X 10' planks of pine. He glued then screwed a 1" X 2" X 10' poplar trim piece to the front of each pine plank as both a design detail and for added structural support. He then filled the trim head screw holes, sanded the wood, primed then painted everything -- the brackets & all the wood the existing wall color.

By Sunday night, I was stacking and sorting all my favorite authors and accessorizing with our acquired treasures....

Mr. Ferguson at work....

In process (above) and Completed (below)

Finished....  these shelves will accommodate an ever evolving display of books and our finds from around the world....  Bird cages from Shanghai, a piece of Ben Owen pottery, vintage Michael Lee Chinese dolls from Hong Kong, a stack of Terence Conran books....

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