Custom Cup of Tea

Monday, April 15, 2013

This is just about the freshest way to make yourself a cup of hot tea....  Get this style teapot (photo below), with a metal coil strainer (one is also available on Ebay here). Add any combination of herbs/fruit to your liking to the pot (I've peeled the rind of a lemon, ginger root, & fresh mint leaves, shown above). Boil water and pour over your custom creation, allowing time to steep - the longer the time, the stronger flavor to your tea. Serve & enjoy!
I got my teapot about 10 years ago on a visit to my parents in Shanghai....  Mom took us to the sweetest of cafes, Ginger (read more from Sugared & Spiced here), that served different combinations of tea in this style teapot. I bought one from Ginger's teeny tiny downstairs pantry supply shop and have used it ever since.

My Pot of Fresh Ginger, Mint, and Lemon Tea

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