The Well Appointed Powder Room

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When organizing for a dinner party or lively gathering (we hosted 10 for brunch this past Sunday), my to-do list starts with planning the menu. Next comes getting the house together (inside & out), cleaned & presentable for guests. One room I pay extra attention to is the Powder Room....  I find that its a space that your guests will use for obvious reasons, but while they're in there, adding some extra touches never disappoints. Included above are some accessories to look out for and photos of well designed spaces, below, my bullet list of making the Powder Room guest ready....

  • Linen hand towels are lovely and look great hanging on a towel bar, but after one hand drying and they're wrinkled. I always place sinkside a guest towel tray with a stack of decorative paper napkins. Designs can be as simple as plain white dinner napkins or more elaborate with a custom monogram and cloth-like but still disposable.
  • Around the sink, tissues should be easy to access, a great smelling hand pump soap (rather than a bar), a small container of fresh flowers (or even fresh cut herbs from the garden if nothing is in bloom).
  • Should you have a vanity/storage area, keeping that space minimal is key....  Only a couple of items should be found -- extra toilet paper, tampons/maxi pads (your female guests will thank you if they're in a bind), Band-Aids/Neosporin, cotton balls, and Q-tips. A small scale wastebasket should be placed nearby.
  • Adding a soothing scent to the room is a must....  A lighted candle (which can also create a cozy feel to the space), or an oil diffuser, or the addition of a room spray (but nothing too heavy), or try Aesop's Post-Poo Drops -- 3 drops into the toilet bowl post-flush sets off citrus & floral scents.
  • And a last minute detail, is a small bowl of individually wrapped breath mints or peppermint candy, for guests who may need to freshen their breath following a spicy or packed with flavor meal.

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