Front Yard Garden

Monday, July 8, 2013

This is my neighbor's front yard garden....  And it is truly a sight to see! She has tiered her front lawn and from edge to edge planted fruits, veggies, flowers (giant Sunflowers), and herbs....  Last week she left a bag of fresh picked arugula for me and it was fantastic!!

Years past, Atlanta struggled through drought conditions with mandatory restrictions on all watering. So the thought of planting anything new was seemingly out of the question. But this Summer, we have the (consistent) rain to thank for helping all of our gardens burst with blooms! I like to stop by Farmer D Organics, our local landscape supply store, when in need of plants, accessories, gardening questions answered, etc....  Farmer D offers a chock full selection of various sized cedar box beds, tools, and custom organic fertilizer, planting mix, & compost.

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