Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Empire State South

This morning we tried breakfast at Empire State South in Midtown....   My brother is in town on business and ESS serves from 7am-10am, allowing us the perfect time to visit before his busy day gets kicked off. The menu is scaled down, with carefully selected dishes that provide a healthy start to your morning -- fresh granola, oatmeal, baked goods, breakfast sammy, etc.... Additionally, the coffee bar offers an assortment of hand crafted espresso/coffee drinks. Patrons are welcome to choose their seating, outside or in, and I noticed ESS's morning atmosphere seemed to appeal to those seeking out a space to enjoy the start of the day's peace & quiet. Photos from our visit below....

I ordered the Breakfast Sandwich on 9 Grain Bread with Bacon & 1 Egg Scrambled + an almond milk cappuccino (above) / The morning sun on the outdoor bocce court (below)


Folk Art

So, speaking of breakfast....   Hadn't had a chance to update my post on the recently opened Folk Art, in Inman Park....  Shortly after I published my post, we stopped in for breakfast. I tried the Eggs, scrambled, with a side of grits, and a biscuit served with the house-made jelly....  Photo below.

Images are mine

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