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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About a year ago, I wrote a post on how our new front loading washing machine was developing a musty smell, and in turn, the odor was starting to seep into our (seemingly) clean laundry. When I Googled for more info on the topic, multiple pages are posted on how this is a common occurrence for front loaders.

At the time, I tried a couple of different suggestions for ridding the funky smell -- wiping the interior & rubber seal down, keeping the door open between loads, draining the machine frequently from the bottom corner filter, adding a specific washing machine product that "washes" your machine, etc....   Ultimately, I found that using Vinegar every few weeks in the detergent dispenser and running the machine empty, on the hot cycle, made the overall difference.

But, a year has gone by, and the smell tends to creep around....   In an effort to take a new line of defense, I've started adding a fabric softener to every load and that seems to be helping. I use ECOVER products for most of my other cleaning needs, so I've been using their Sunny Day scent fabric softener.

All this aside, I have been reading (check out Pretty Handy Girl's post & comments) that one minor well maybe major detail that isn't always made clear, is that Powder Detergent rather than Liquid Detergent should be used with front loaders. OK, this adds another piece to solving my puzzle....  I have forever used liquid! Putting powder on the grocery list and we'll give it a try!

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