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Monday, October 7, 2013

Emily Newdow 

We took a quick trip over to Athens, GA yesterday to pickup some pillows that my friend Emily Newdow has been working on for me at her home studio....  Emily is the owner of Stitch 9 (and who I've written previously about here + here), offering handcrafted & custom pillow designs. Her overall style takes on a little bit of a playful twist in the imagery & fabrics (she hand-dyes her felt) she pairs together. Getting the opportunity to see Emily's studio was the icing on the cake to our visit! Within in her highly organized space, a bounty of colorful spools of thread are mounted along the wall, fabrics in a rainbow of color & pattern are neatly folded & stacked, various tools & supplies grouped together -- and all easy accessible and ready to be put to work! I've included some photos below....  You can check out Emily's pillows in the Athens area at Suska Doma & Community and upcoming craft shows (including the Big City Bread Cafe Holiday Market), online through her website, and contact her directly for additional info on creating custom designs.

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