Real Estate Stalking

Monday, January 13, 2014

I am a self-professed real estate stalker....   I think its rooted from the days of being young and looking at houses when driving about the country roads of CT with my parents. (Fairfield County boasts a healthy mix of extraordinary period/historic architecture as well as the most forward thinking designs of the 20th + 21st centuries). Its a pursuit that continues to this day as I make my way around Atlanta's pocket neighborhoods. When I spot an exterior that catches my eye, typically the property's online listing provides further market details as well as the treat of peeking into the interiors of the home. The interior design of some houses are perfectly nice, but in others, there's no mistaking that someone with a great eye & innate sense of style (the home's owner or professional in the field) is responsible for implementing an overall well thought-out design plan. 

The Kitchen of this (images featured above & below) Tudor style residence built in 1933, is one such example. The home is older, so its great to see elements of its age interpreted -- vintage pottery, stone details, & antique furnishings. But what keeps the space fresh, is the addition of some contemporary pieces & stainless steel fixtures, yielding the right combination of old world charm & the best of today's decorative trends.

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