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Monday, February 17, 2014

Eva Sotus

My Spotlight Series continues with today's post focused on Eva Sotus. I have been a loyal client of Eva's for facials, massage & reflexology for 10+ years. You can find her alongside partner Lisa Coolidge at Take Care Therapeutic Skin and Body Care in Buckhead, off of Pharr Road. I've asked Eva to share some details into her extensive whole body care background as well as some suggestions for treating Winter skin. *Some info to note....  Lisa & Eva offer the Dermalogica & Rhonda Allison skincare lines at Take Care, of which I use both.

Would you provide an overview of your training & experience within the wellness and skin care fields.

My experience with health care began  in my teens when I discovered Jeannine Parvati specializing in Women's herbal health eventually taking numerous workshops with Aviva Romm, noted herbalist/midwife, author, President of the Herbalist Guild,  and MD! Fabulous start for me where I learned to make the healing salves and  herbal tonics which can be purchased at our shop.

During the mid 90s I was drawn towards the healing arts. I first studied Reflexology at the Heal Center at the Roz Zollinger program. I then studied Swedish Massage with Nancy Rasmussen Brown. In 1999 having made the full changeover from pre-school owner to full time reflexologist, I enrolled and graduated from ISSN with skin care certification. Being more interested in the holistic approach rather than cosmetic, I was honored to be asked by one of the cities best and brightest in the Buckhead area for over 30 years, aesthetician Lisa Coolidge, to join Take Care.

At this point I began a course of what I call "adding to my tool belt". It will be a life long journey really. I took courses in shiatsu and  cranial sacral , but I most resonated with Lymphatic Therapy. Through this subtle and yet so satisfying technique as both the receiver and the provider, I met wonderful people whom I cherished in all aspects of health -- often in the end stages of their lives from various illness or if blessed, old age. 

This experience called me to get my CNA (Certified Nursing 
Assistant) certification from GA Perimeter. I also took the National tests and received my  National Hospice and Palliative CNA certification. 
I opened a small company (4 of us) midwifing in death, to numerous people under Nightingale Personal Care. I cherished this experience. I closed my company in 2011 to work and volunteer  in various hospice companies in the city (CrossroadsHospice Atlanta). It seems that all of these tools work very nicely together in any of the aspects of care I am hired to do.

Its Winter .... What should we be doing to take care of our skin?  Less masks?  More/heavier moisturizer?

In the Winter, our skin tends to dry out more due to the combination of heat indoors and in our cars and then the dryer cold air.  It is very common to have a different moisturizer for winter than for summer. One that is heavier so that those with dryer skin avoid chapped and dehydrated skin. Those with oily skin like how their face may clear a bit and often don't want to use moisturizer. However, our NMF (natural moisturizing factor) of the skin can only handle so much unnatural heat and temperature changes and eventually chapped dry skin or dry rashy acne will occur. Allowing ones oil glands to know they can ease up on the oil production  during the winter season by using a good moisturizer covers all skin types. On a side note - those interested in doing deeper peels to move the acne scarred or superficial lines of aging should consider booking an appointment with Lisa or I during the winter months. Its so much easier during the  fall and winter seasons to keep out of the heat and sun and provide a healthier peel.

During this season, what is the best way/steps to follow when washing our face?

The best steps for washing ones face is to use a good non abrasive cleanser and your fingertips. One only needs a little cleanser blending with water to get sudsy as needed. Using your fingers allows you to get to those hard to reach places (behind your ears, bridge of your nose) that a washcloth or pad may miss. No time to use an exfoliate but want a little more to your cleansing? You may use a pad or a textured French cloth for extra exfoliation afterwards (do not scrub harshly).

Soaps leave residue on the skin just like the sink... So finding a good cleanser without dyes and perfumes is the best choice. Washing twice a day is plenty. Of course after sweating heavily or eating something messy giving a wash is called for being sure to moisturize again. And actually, after a good sweat a nice cool washcloth laid upon the face is helpful to soothe those who have acne issues. Applying again an hour later. No time for wash after eating? A good toner that does NOT have alcohol or alcohol related products is fine, then re- apply moisturizer.

Are there any other happenings / plans on the horizon for you in 2014?  

In 2014 I will continue to be at Take Care Therapeutic Skin and Body Care in Buckhead with my partner Lisa offering all services – check out our menu! On Wednesdays, I am right down the street at Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic, a quaint restaurant where I offer reflexology and lymphatic drainage 11-4 -in the attic + walk-ins are welcome. I'll also be doing some monthly drop in days at Health Unlimited and Return to Eden offering Reflexology. Friend us on Facebook to get updates for where I can be found and whats happening at Take Care!

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