Kate Schelter

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kate Schelter

Kate Schelter moves beyond a single defining label to her multifaceted design talents as they are seemingly unlimited! Her work spans the style spectrum through roles as photographer, artist, fashion stylist, trendsetter, creative director....  Coupled with her 10+ year old eponymous branding/web/design/consulting firm she heads in NYC.

I am taken with Kate's watercolor illustrations (which can be purchased on a commission basis and at John Derian in New York). She describes working with watercolor due to its "sort of loose and sort of strewn about" nature....  "It's like handwriting, its not perfect". Kate's subjects "are not necessarily landscapes, but they're objects that you find in these environments that are sort of indicative of the inherent style of the place - like a dish of lemons in the Amalfi Coast".

Included below are a selection of Kate's watercolors followed by video of her showcasing her personal fashion style - clothing & accessories - from her timeless wardrobe.

Images Kate Schelter

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