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Friday, September 26, 2014

It seems that the subject for today's post has come full circle of sorts.....  I have previously featured the work of interior designer Markham Roberts in a post just about this time 4 years ago. The home of his client and college classmate (graduates of Brown), Cosima Von Bulow Pavoncelli, had been published in Town & Country's November 2010 issue and was receiving quite the buzz! At that time, I found myself drawn to Markham's fresh take on classic East Coast style. I took note of his refined eye, translated through his seemingly effortless ability at layering pattern & texture with select accessories & antiques. So how fitting for The Vendome Press to generously extend to me an advance copy for preview of Markham's soon to be released & premiere design book, Decorating The Way I See It.

I've made it known that I have a slight obsession with design books.....  And tend to acquire on my bookshelf multiple titles published by favorite designers. What sets Markham's book apart from the others is that this is not a book you will want to put on a shelf.....  On the contrary..... You will want to display it with the pages open. And each time you walk by it you'll turn another page to take in his masterful portfolio. The 256 pages of this overscale sized hardcover book features an unparalleled view into the exquisite homes of Markham's clients, as well as an in-depth look into his personal residence, Clinton Corners, built in 1876 and located in the Hudson River Valley. You'll quickly find yourself pouring over the details found within the color rich photos that saturate the pages from edge to edge. Lucky for us readers interested in gaining insight into Markham's design method, he devotes a major chapter of the book to The Basics. This serves as a jumping off point to further explore the nuts & bolts of completing a space, including discussions on Floor Plan, Scheme, and Collecting.

*Photos included below are a sneak peak of what you will enjoy from the work of Markham Roberts.....  This is a must-add resource to your design library. Decorating The Way I See It will be available for purchase on September 30.

Images Markham Roberts Decorating The Way I See It / The Vendome Press 

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