Kimball House

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kimball House

It's a week of anniversary celebrations! ....  1 year mark of the opening of Kimball House and 9 year wedding anniversary for Mr. Ferguson and I. So, fitting that we shared a hands down spectacular meal last night at Kimball House in Decatur.

Let's get right to it....  In the year since it opened, Kimball House has been showered with well deserved accolades -- Southern Living Magazine rated them #1 in their "2014 Best New Restaurant" roundup and KH bar & cocktails have been highlighted by both Garden & Gun and Bon Appetit as one of the year's best.

William, who oversees the front of the restaurant, does a stellar job at immediately setting the tone of what to expect from your night -- refinement within a relaxed atmosphere....  He is absolutely accommodating to your needs, whether or not you opt to sit at the bar for dinner or at a table -- last night when we arrived at 7:30, there was a 30 minute wait for a table, and we chose bar seating. Service continues to be a priority, with all staff extending sincere courtesy throughout your dining experience and detailed knowledge of the ever changing in-season menu.

For dinner, Mr. Ferguson and I both selected the "Kimball House Steak Dinner"....   Which actually turned out to be the perfect meal. It entails soup, salad, and your choice of a 6oz Filet or 12oz New York Strip or 18oz Dry-Aged Lollipop Ribeye. We both decided on the 6oz Filet, and I swear, it has to be the greatest deal for what you are served & enjoy! Also to note, the soup - Butternut Squash, and salad - traditional Caesar, are not offered on the menu, so there is definitely a feeling of receiving something special when ordering the Beef. We finished with a fantastic dessert - Chocolate & Peanut Tart....   And Intelligentsia Coffee. My photos below....  Highly Recommended!

*Kimball House does not take reservations and parking is on the street.

The Night's Menu

Bread Service w/ Preserves & Whipped Butter

Butternut Squash Soup topped w/ Cinnamon Toast and Honey Whipped Cream

Caesar Salad w/ the Romaine perfectly dressed & stacked on top of one another

6 oz Filet served with Potato Wedge, Smokey Carrot (harvested from Kimball House's on-site raised beds), Caramelized Onion, and Green Veggie Puree

Chocolate & Peanut Tart served w/ Gelato & Banana


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