Fresh Start * Basics

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


A New Year tends to spark our get-up-and-go instincts....  But before it's off to the races of personal enlightenment & professional achievements, get your surroundings in balance with some simple changes.....

If you can't remember the last time you bought the tube of mascara you're currently using, get a new one // Pick up a fresh toothbrush & toothpaste // Replace your bathroom bar of soap, and while you're at it, start off the year with a new razor // Swap (or clean) out any filter in your home - HVAC, Water, Vacuum (and bags), Dryer // Get some White Vinegar and fill your Dishwasher Rinse Aid with it for sparkling dishes and run it through a cycle of your Front Loading Washing Machine to rid out any musty odors // AND, get some new Kitchen Sponges -- which can keep longer/disinfected by including them on the top rack when running the dishwasher.

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