Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today......  Today, Saving Sweet Briar attorneys go before the Virginia Supreme Court in Richmond......  To argue our case in front of a panel of 7 Judges. The Supreme Court is typically out of session during this time, but they are making an exception to hear our case of keeping Sweet Briar College OPEN -- they understand time is of the essence !

I took the image (above) over the weekend, during our "All Class" Reunion. This is Daisy's Grave on Monument Hill. Sweet Briar was founded in Daisy's memory by her mother, Indiana Fletcher Williams, for the sole purpose of Educating Women.

We continue our fight today for Daisy and all the women that have come through Sweet Briar's gates seeking higher education......  We fight for the Community of Amherst, Virginia, who has supported Sweet Briar since its founding in 1901...... We fight for the Faculty, who stand in unison to reversing the decision to close the college......  WE FIGHT for Future Generations of Women to Come !!

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