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Thursday, July 30, 2015

My alma mater, Sweet Briar College's colors are Pink & Green.....  Right before I attended our "all class" Reunion in May, I was looking for anything interesting to wear throughout the weekend that would reflect our colors & support school spirit.

I've written previously how I am a huge fan of Tunic style tops, so my first search was to Guru, maker of an assortment of colorful styles, in an effort to find a Pink & Green combination. At that time, they didn't exactly have what I was looking for, but upon my return I reached out to the company to see if they would have any interest in crafting a custom "Sweet Briar" Tunic. I shared our Saving Sweet Briar mission and asked if we could perhaps create the Tunic as a fundraiser for our cause. Guru immediately said YES!

Guru is a New York City based company, founded in 2008 by Zein Ahmed. Zein sources her linen fabrics in NYC's Garment District, and has her designs crafted in her native Pakistan. Her company prides itself on being environmentally and socially conscious.

I knew our partnership was kismet when Zein and I realized our story shares Jackie Kennedy as a common thread.....   Zein credits Jackie Kennedy's sense of fashion and style as inspiration for her Linen Tops and Dresses. She mentions Jackie was also her Mother's and Aunt's style icon too! Zein also shared a bit of history that Jackie was presented a horse by Ayub Khan, the then Governor of Pakistan, in 1962, as "gesture of goodwill." How fitting all of this is, since Jackie's Mother went to Sweet Briar and the college has longed been revered for its equestrian program!

Guru will be donating 20% of each Tunic or Dress style purchased to Saving Sweet Briar -- More Details & Purchase Info HERE
*please note, these items are handcrafted and will ship around November 1st

*If you read Veranda, you might have seen Guru's Navy & White Tunic featured in the August issue.....

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