Old World Beauty at the Beach

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The rooms of a very classic and simple clapboard style East Hampton home live a design life of exotic travel to far corners of the world. Husband and wife owners Ian and Emilie Irving have pooled their wares from years of collecting (separately and together), cultivating a singular style -- one layered with rich textiles, a variety of chintz upholstered furnishings and a range of period art and antiques. Detailed images were featured in this past weekend's issue of T Magazine and are not to be missed -- see more here.

Ian and Emilie share well regarded reputations within the antiquities field....  Ian worked for a number of years at Sotheby's and remains a noted dealer of rare silver. Influenced by her years of traveling abroad and seeking out unexpected decor, vivid textiles and distinctive jewelry, Emilie founded Xenomania in 2013, a shop space in the East Village to source all of her handselected finds. Vogue featured images upon first opening -- check out more below.

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