Weekend Watching

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Watched on VOD over the weekend the recently released independent film Manhattan Romance, written, directed & staring Tom O'Brien. This is my favorite kind of film -- no green screens, just great acting & great music matched by a thoughtful & interesting storyline. Manhattan Romance is a timeless tale of navigating the angst, lust and honesty of romantic relationships, shot within the backdrop of NYC's quintessential neighborhood streets. 3 fantastic leading ladies -- Katherine Waterston (who completely reminded me of a young Jennifer Jason Leigh and graces the cover of November Town & Country), Caitlin Fitzgerald (who I loved in Ed Burns' Newlyweds), and Gaby Hoffman (who seemingly can do no wrong and I always look forward to watching her character on Girls) -- round out the cast. Watch the trailer below....

Also, seems that the new Bradley Cooper film that was released on Friday, Burnt, has been panned by critics. So, if you want to see Bradley cooking in the kitchen, seasoned with a little bit more comedy & less drama, watch on Hulu a very short lived TV series he did back in 2005, Kitchen Confidential, based upon Anthony Bourdain's autobiography.

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